SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Springfield resident and life-long Cubs fan Dave Heinzel was delivering boxes of old belongings from cleaning out his parents’ house to an auction place. When turning over a picture frame one final time, he found a small note on bright yellow paper.

That note was a 1993 bet 16-year-old Heinzel made with his younger sister, Sally. If the Cubs won the World Series in 2016, Sally would have to pay him five bucks, according to Heinzel. 23 years later, the Chicago Cubs did win the World Series in 2016. 

“It was a surprise to find it,” Heinzel said. “I was just as baffled as everybody else must be by it.”

Neither Heinzel or Sally remembered making the bet, but she did pay up after he discovered their note signed by both of them. 

“We had little competitions all the time, but to put something on paper was totally out of character,” Heinzel said. 

Heinzel says the bet was likely inspired by the movie Back To The Future 2, which includes a scene of a news anchor reporting on a Cubs’ 2015 World Series win.

Also predicted on the note was that the Cubs would win 8-7 in extra innings, which did happen. 

Heinzel was not 100% clairvoyant, however. He guessed their opponents would be the Philadelphia Phillies and they won the series at Wrigley Field. Their opponents in the World Series were the Cleveland Indians (the Phillies and Cubs are in the same conference, making that World Series match-up impossible), and the final game was at Progressive Field in Cleveland.