FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ind. — A hair-raising discovery may cause some people to think twice before taking a dip in an Indiana lake or pond.

Amber Conley says she was out on her boat on Brookville Lake with her friend Brad over the weekend.

As they were fueling up, she says they came across a dead snake with a “huge” fish in its mouth.

Photo provided by Amber Conley

“The gas attendant ladies were freaking out, so we took a couple pictures and tossed it,” Conley explained.

She estimates the snake was roughly four and a half feet long, and that it likely died from choking on the fish.

“The fish was bigger than Brad’s hand. No one seems to realize how massive that fish was.”

She shared the freaky find in a Facebook post that included this in the caption: “Side note: I’m never swimming in the lake again.”

Several commenters guessed at what type of snake it may be. Rat snake and northern water snake were the most popular guesses.