Today things will be dry and calm for the Wabash Valley. The developing storm will near tomorrow, but not impact us until late Wednesday night and Thursday. Until then, mostly cloudy and seasonable with temps reaching the upper 30’s today and tomorrow, too. By Wednesday night a winter storm begins, for us, with maybe a light rain snow/mix. It will be all rain Thursday, as precipitation falls. Then, temps will fall very quickly Thursday evening and rain will change to snow. Winds will pick up speed and the issue of both blowing snow and bitter wind chills begins. Friday, there will be some lingering light snow and temperatures will be in the single digits with wind chills well below zero. It will be dry for Christmas eve and Christmas day, but bitter cold. Temps will dip below zero and night and highs won’t get out of the single digits. Expect a moderation in temperatures to come by the start of next week.