Open a can of pop. When you do the pressure inside the can comes out.
That’s because the air is trying to reach equilibrium, or balance, the balance of high pressure to low pressure.
The stronger that pressure, the faster the wind will be coming out. This is true on a global scale as well as here in the Wabash Valley.
There’s a strong low pressure to the east, a strong high to the west. The counter clockwise rotation around the low and the clockwise rotation around the high produce strong winds.
What’s the minimum wind speed needed to move an object laterally?
There’s actually a formula for this. Wind equals 195 pounds over an area in square feet.
A three-mile-an-hour wind will blow leaves around. Dry leaves don’t weigh much.
A trash can weighing 37 pounds with an area of nine-point-one square feet requires a wind of 28 miles-an-hour to knock it into your neighbors yard.
Your average 175 pound person…..67 mph. I’ve this a lot in Chicago when the wind off the lake funnels through the skyscrapers.
A car weighing about 2900 pounds requires a 90-mile-an-hour wind.