There is a wind chill advisory in effect until 11am est today for north areas. Chills as low as -15 to -20 degrees can be expected.

 We started the work week off with above average temps, only on Monday. Yesterday was cold and today will be pretty similar to temps we had yesterday. However, temps this morning much worse than yesterday especially with the wind chills factored in. Subzero in almost every place this morning. Allow cars to heat up and bundle up. You need to make sure you have a full tank of gas on mornings like these.

We will only see highs in the 20s/30s most days the next several. However, there are signs of us getting back to a normal temp pattern around Sunday/Monday for a few days.

The week will be pretty dry. A little system could bring us some light snow tomorrow. 

Winds will be between 5-10mph Wednesday and 5-15mph Wednesday night. 

Temperatures Wednesday will only be in the lower 20s, we will have a wind chill all day so it will feel much colder than the actual air temp. Overnight Wednesday, temps will be in the teens.