Snowflake types fall into five main categories.
Thin plates form when the temperatures is 25-to-32-degrees.
Needles at 21-to-25-degrees.
Hollow columns at 14-to-21.
Stellar Plates at a frosty 10-to-14-degrees.
And Dendrites when the temperature falls between 3-and-10-degrees.
If the temperature drops to 8 below you’ll see stellar plates again.
And below negative 8, look for hollow columns.
Now you know your snowflakes, but what is graupel?
Well, snow forms…then falls through a layer of supercooled water droplets.
The droplets freeze, or rime, onto the snowflakes.
The end result are tiny, white pellets that resemble small hail.
Unlike hail, they are soft and crushable.