<< Temperatures across the valley this morning between the mid-50’s to low-60’s. This is a tad cool for this time of year. Average low temperatures for today are 63 degrees. We are tracking a nice day today, slightly more humid than it has been. Clouds moving in throughout the day today. Rain for your weekend. It will continue to stay mild throughout most of next week. Currently in Terre Haute the temp is in the low 60’s, 93% humidity, winds are calm. For your Futurecast, we will see a nice day today, with increasing cloud cover through the overnight hours, a chance for some scattered showers throughout the afternoon on Saturday, but the heavier amounts of rain will hold off until later in the day Saturday and into Sunday. Looking at the 7-day precipitation forecast, we could see some scattered showers Saturday afternoon, heavier rain amounts Saturday evening into Sunday. Rain chances will move out by Monday morning. Rainfall totals expected are looking to be around 1/2 inch to an inch across the valley, there may a few isolated locations with higher totals. For today, a high of 84 degrees, slightly more humid, mostly sunny. Tonight, low of 65, partly cloudy. Tomorrow, high of 86, clouds in the morning, a little clearing before the rain moves in later in the day. Mostly sunny today, rain for Saturday & Sunday, rain moving out by Monday morning, leaving us with mild weather for the work week. >>