Current temps in the mid-40’s. A few southern counties in the low 50’s. We are 10-15 degrees warmer than yesterday. We are tracking cold/wind afternoon, weekend winter weather, colder next week, and another system next Wednesday. Winds will be picking up throughout the day, gust 35-40 mph this afternoon. Will remain windy through most of Friday. As the front moves through we will see the air temps and fall and the feels like temps will also drop quite a bit. Our long term, temperature forecast is showing winter finally arriving. Drastic drop in temps by the end of next week. Cold, but pretty average temps for the next week, but by next Friday, we are tracking that colder air to be pushing in from Canada, leaving us with below normal temps. Currently temps in TH are 47. All the heavy rain has moved out of the area. We will see some scattered showers/snow flurries this afternoon. Mostly cloudy through Sat. Light rain/snow moving in Sunday morning, clears out for Monday-Tues. Next system, looking like a stronger on moves in on Wednesday. Today, 42, windy. Tonight, low of 31, cloudy. Tomorrow, high of 36, cloudy. Dry to start the weekend, winter weather moves in on Sunday. Dry Mon-Tues, another system moves in on Wednesday.