Today will bring some sunshine and temperatures well above average. Highs should be in the mid to upper 30’s. We will start in the upper 40’s and stay generally steady today around 50 degrees. It will remain breezy today. Winds from the west will be steady from 15-20mph, gusts to 25mph. Tonight, clouds return and rain chances return by tomorrow. It will be breezy and showers continue through the day and night on Wednesday with temps in the 40’s. Thursday will be dry, still mild with temps in the upper 40’s early. By Thursday night, temps will fall to below freezing and winds will shift to the west, up to 25 mph. It will be dry, but colder Friday and Saturday with highs in the 30’s, lows in the 20’s. There is a chance of rain, changing to some light snow by Sunday and Sunday night.