Temperatures across the valley in the low 30’s, quite a bit colder than it was yesterday morning. Winds are pretty calm right now. As the system moves through this afternoon we will begin to see some stronger wind gusts. Winds will briefly back down overnight, before picking up while another system rolls through tomorrow morning. These gusting conditions will last through Friday. We are tracking another rain storm on the way, possible imbedded t-storms. Colder weekend, and colder temps begin to settle in long term. If you have enjoyed these milder temps, you aren’t going to like the end of January. The extended temp forecast is showing the end of Jan and beginning of Feb to be below normal temps. Currently at the airport in Terre Haute temps are 35 degrees, and pressure is currently normal and rising. Satellite radar, here is the system we are tracking for this afternoon. Some rain beginning to show up on the southern edge of the radar. Futurecast, currently overcast, rain moving in around noon. Any chance for thunderstorms will come later this evening. Not thinking anything severe. Rain clears out overnight, chance of some scattered showers, and possible snow flurries or two tomorrow. Clouds remain through Friday. Severe outlook, a marginal risk in the south eastern portion of the viewing area. Most severe down in the Tennessee/Arkansas area. Cloudy to start the weekend before another system moves in Sunday. We are tracking a rain/snow mix. Dry Monday, before another system moves in late Tuesday into Wednesday. Today, high of 42, rain. Tonight, 41 mostly cloudy. Tomorrow, high of 51 mostly cloudy. Cloudy weekend, colder temps begin to settle into place. Rain/snow mix moves in Sunday. Dry Monday and most of Tuesday, next round of rain/snow moving in Wednesday .