Wednesday will be warm but that’s also the next chance of some pretty heavy rain and some storms even.
Wednesday is the day to highlight this week with the big mid-week storm, it is a weather alert day for the strong winds in the forecast.

The SPC outlook for Wednesday is still halfway through Vigo County and southward that’s under a slight risk. North areas are still under a marginal risk as of 5am Wednesday. However, better chances for severe weather are still much further south where there is an enhanced and moderate. We will see gusty winds and heavy rain; those will be the main threats. A few isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out though but again, better chances for tornadoes will stay well south where there is a hatched area. 

A few lingering showers likely on Thursday morning and then another round Thursday afternoon and there’s at least a chance of precip out of the next couple of days.

Winds Wednesday will be between 20-30+ mph. Winds overnight Wednesday will be between 15-25mph. 

Temperatures Wednesday will be in the mid to lower 70s, so much warmer than yesterday! The warmth is not going to last long, temps will drop right behind the cold front. Overnight Wednesday temps will be in the mid to lower 40s.