Currently clear skies, but more clouds moving in throughout the day. Tempers across the valley this morning much cooler than average. Average low temps are around 55. You can see that we have had about a 15-20 difference from this time yesterday. We are tracking cooler today, clouds moving in throughout the morning, chance for some scattered showers tonight, and a warmer weekend. Currently here in Terre Haute the temp is 46. Taking a national look, lots of the cooler air spilling in from Canada, keeping most of the northern states much cooler than average. A couple days of average temps, then the cooler air settles across the area again next week. Clouds moving in throughout the morning, chance for scattered showers tonight. Partly cloudy for Sat & Sun. Looking at the 7 day precipitation forecast, we will see those scattered showers move in tonight, that will move through by tomorrow morning, leaving for a really nice Fall like weekend. Possibly some more isolated showers Sunday morning. All is clear on radar. Today, a high of 67, cloudy. Tonight a low of 55, mostly clear, scattered showers. Tomorrow, high of 79, morning clouds and clearing throughout the day. Cooler today, average temps return tomorrow, leaving a perfect fall weekend. Scattered showers Sunday morning, and cooler temps to return Monday into Tuesday. >>