Tornadoes: Alerts, How They Form and Stay Safe

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A Tornado Watch means conditions are favorable for tornadic development.
A Tornado Warning means take action. A tornado is indicated by radar or seen by a trained spotter.
A Tornado Emergency, a tornado threatening human life and catastrophic damage.
Tornadoes form from a thunderstorm with fast-moving, rising air, an updraft. This is needed to start rotation.
Wind at ground level from a different direction than the thunderstorm wind helps the updraft to begin rotating .
A wall cloud forms, the first stage of a tornado. As the rotating air descends to ground level it’s a funnel, if it reaches ground it’s a tornado.
There’s a Tornado Warning, what’s your safety plan?
Go to an interior room, a closet, bathroom or stairs. Stay away from windows and outside walls. Cover yourself with a blanket or mattress. The safest place, a basement.

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