We have made it to the very cold weather we are going to have all day today and tomorrow. Make sure you bundle up and have a full tank of gas. Temps will be below freezing level at all times and below zero with the wind chill at times overnight. 

Snow is moving in some south areas now. Will be possible to pick some up through the morning and early afternoon hours. About a few tenths of an inch to 1.5″ for very south areas is possible. There are no winter weather alerts for us but just south of us there is. Those areas will pick up the most snow and have a lot of a better chance than us. North areas likely will not see any today.

Winds will be between 10-20mph today and then 5-15mph tonight.

Temperatures Thursday will be in the teens. Overnight Thursday, temps will be around 4 degrees, with the wind chill factored in, even colder. It could feel as far as fifteen below zero in some areas across the Wabash Valley.