Cooler weather moves in Thursday. Temps will come up some Friday, but then cool back down to slightly below average over the weekend.

Isolated showers continue Thursday. A few showers early Thursday morning leading way to a bit more widespread showers as the low nears us, later in afternoon and evening.

The heavy rain we got was Tuesday, then on Wednesday we picked up some showers but not nearly as much as the previous day.

You’ll wanna have that umbrella handy still on Thursday and Friday. Friday more showers move in during the afternoon and evening, could lead to a few snowflakes to end, no accumulation though.

That system that brought several states some severe weather and even tornado outbreaks in the south is almost off the coast now.

Winds Thursday will be between 10-20mph. Winds overnight Thursday will be between 15-15mph.

Temperatures Thursday will be in the mid 40s. Overnight Thursday temps will be in the upper 30s.