How hail forms

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Frozen water droplets are pulled up by thunderstorm updrafts.
These droplets form additional layers of ice each time it’s pulled above the freeze line.
Eventually, the weight of the hailstone exceeds the force of the updraft and the hailstone falls to the ground. Sometimes on your car, or your head.
Hail sizes range from pea size, one-quarter-inch, to grapefruit, 4-point-five-inches.
Hail becomes severe and can start causing damage at one-inch, more so one-point-five-inches. The larger the hailstone, the worse the damage.
Hail to one-half-inch is common, three-quarters to one-inch uncommon, one-point-five to two rare. Two-point-five to two-point-seven-five very rare. Four and up, exceptionally rare.

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