Current temps across the valley in the mid 60’s. We still have a bit of a breeze coming out of the NW. It has been a windy day with peak wind gust across the valley up to 38 in Mattoon, 32 in Vincennes, and 29 here in Terre Haute. Today’s high hit 73, and a low of 58. The record high for today was set in 1939 at 92, while the record low was in 1967 at 35. We did get a little bit of rain last night. Here at the station we recorded just shy of 1/10. Our monthly total is still quite low compared to the average. We are now less than 1/10 away from surpassing the average rainfall for the whole year. The river is sitting at 3.7 feet and holding steady. We are tracking clouds clearing tonight, lots of sun for the week, cool & dry, and I’ll have more details on our next chance of rain. Currently in Terre Haute the temps is 63. Winds out of the NW at 5. All is clear on the radar. As we look into our 7 day precip, we see a few clouds moving through here and there, but overall we will have mostly sunny skies. There is a low pressure system hanging out over the Great Lakes, but any rain chances associated with it will stay to our north. As we move into next weekend, there is still a lot of uncertainty, but we could see some rain from the remnants of tropical storm Ian by Saturday into Sunday. Tonight lows drop to 50, clear skies. Tomorrow, a high of 69, mostly sunny. Temps cooling off starting tomorrow, leaving highs for most of this week in the mid-60’s. Mostly sunny skies all week, and temps begin to climb back into the 70’s by the end of this week. Overnight lows will drop into the 40’s most nights, and we might even see our first 30 degree temps of the fall Tuesday night into Wednesday. Overall it is looking to be a perfect fall week.