Bloomberg senior adviser: stop-and-frisk ‘does not represent Bloomberg as a person or a politician’


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — Tim O’Brien, a senior adviser to former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s campaign, joined Capitol Connection to discuss the primary race and their push to make a big splash on Super Tuesday.

Senator Bernie Sanders, who has pulled out to an early lead in the primary pack, has repeatedly criticized Bloomberg for trying to “buy the election.”

“Mike Bloomberg is not buying an election, he’s buying exposure,” O’Brien responded, describing Bloomberg’s massive spending surge as a “God-send to the Democratic Party.”

O’Brien also highlighted that Bloomberg has apologized for implementing and defending stop-and-frisk policies that disproportionately targeted people of color. He said those policies do not represent Bloomberg’s views today.

“Mike Bloomberg has always believed discrimination is egregious,” O’Brien said. “There is no president of the modern era who is a more overt racist and bigot than Donald Trump. No one compares to him on that field. Mike Bloomberg is a far more enlightened, compassionate public leader than Donald Trump has been or will ever be.”

President Trump initially tweeted a video of Bloomberg’s remarks about stop-and-frisk and called the former mayor a “total racist,” but then he quickly deleted that post from Twitter.

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