Scheid Looks To Better Event Reputation

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The Scheid Diesel Extravaganza is this weekend and the event is infamous for bringing in large crowds who make their presence known.
But this year the local business is taking another approach in hopes of making a different impact.
Although the event hasn’t been able to control what participants do after hours, they are providing them with an alternative that is both fun for them and other community members.
They are only hosting one after hours event and law enforcement is warning against those who are thinking of skipping out and hosting their own after party.

In years past the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza go-er’s have held a reputation for partying into the late hours of the night causing quite the disturbance and leaving behind a mess.
This year, Scheid is trying to prevent that.
The company is partnering with Show-Me’s in Terre haute to host an after party in hopes of cutting down on the issues.
“We want to connect with these people and let them know, you know, that is not who we are and that is not what we are about, you know,” says Melissa Kellett.

In the past, event go-er’s have hosted their own after parties wherever they could fit.
With Terre Haute’s new Special Event Permit those who choose to go out on their own without a permit are risking a large fine.

“That can be up to a 24 hundred dollar fine and some people have gotten that,” says Terre Haute Police Sargent Denzil Lewis.

There have been a few permits submitted for review but they have been denied for not meeting the qualifications, “these people are coming forward with good ideas but not having the ability or the knowledge to execute this in a safe manor,” says Lewis.

To hold a special event, at minimum, you have to have a security plan in place based on the number of people and a one million dollar liability insurance plan.

On top of hosting a controlled after party, Scheid is also providing a clean up crew who will be out picking up trash around streets and business that any of their event go-er’s may leave behind.    

“We really want to show them you know, we are here just like everybody else and we want to make a stance in the community and show you know, we are going to support your business just like we would want you guys to support ours,” says Kellett.

“They’re definitely taking the right steps in, hey they are going to go out and clean up afterwards and they are definitely taking the right steps to keep that event here. Because we do want to keep it in the community,” says Lewis.

Police are investigating a party that is claiming to be affiliated with Scheid and says they have a permit.
They are asking people to buy tickets in advance, but no such party has been approved by Scheid or law enforcement.
The only event that has been verified through Scheid and has all of the paperwork is the after party at Show-Me’s.
Everyone is welcome to the after party. Admission is free and the party begins around 9 p.m. and runs until 3 a.m.
Scheid and Show-Me’s will host the after party on both Friday and Saturday night.

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