Scheid Diesel Comes To a Close

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In previous years, people partying after the event led to a lot of citations. But Scheid Diesel did something new this year, which made it more safe and fun for everyone involved.

The Vigo County Fairgrounds look much different than they did this weekend, as the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza has left town, an event that organizers say went well.

“I feel like it was a very successful event and show that we put on. As far as the weather went, we did have a minor hiccup here and there but overall it was a success for us.” said Melissa Kellett, Scheid Diesel Service Company.

In addition to the show being a success, citation numbers dramatically decreased for fans of the event. This is partially due to a major change made by Scheid Diesel. 

“We implemented the after party with Show Me’s. I feel like that was a great success for us to try to get the crowd controlled and into one area. So that way they weren’t going up and down the streets and I feel like that was a big help with that issue.” says Kellett. 

Kellett says that fans and participants reacted fairly well to having an organized after party. “They enjoyed themselves. It was a controlled environment for a great time.”, Kellett.

Now that the extravaganza is over, crews are making sure that the fairgrounds are clean.

“We want to make sure that everything was exactly the way it was when we left. It will probably take us about eight hours each day.”

The Vigo County Fairgrounds aren’t completely back to normal operations quite yet. Clean up from Scheid Diesel will continue until Wednesday.

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