Rain Hits Scheid Diesel

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 Heavy rains Saturday morning didn’t stop thousands from attending the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza.

“With all the rain that we did receive this morning, it did kind of halt stuff off this morning. With the rain gone now it’s underway and people are rolling in through the gates” said  Melissa Kellett, Scheid Diesel Service Company.

The rain did postpone events such as the truck pull qualifications, due to the wet track, but it also effected others working at the event.

“With the vendors opening up out here on vendor’s row. The rain did stop them a little bit just due to the fact that they didn’t want to get everything wet,” said Kellett.

Even with the postponements and delays, Scheid Diesel still had a full day of events to offer.

“We have not canceled anything at this moment unless a big storm comes through. We’re going to continue on with our day. The show and shine is underway. Vendor row is back open and booths are up and running, and people are ready just for a great day.” says Kellett.

Spectators and participants didn’t let the weather keep them away from Scheid Diesel. 

“You come to see the pulls, you come to see the show whether it’s hot or cold. I know last year it was so hot and yesterday we had to buy sweatshirts but that’s just part of it.” said Demi Gassaway, spectator.

Jess McDaniel shows trucks at multiple events. She says she thinks Scheid Diesel would be successful rain or shine.
“This truck show is different from all the other ones because there’s so many people and so many people come from all around so there’s always a great turnout. Either if it’s rain or shine” says Jess McDaniel, truck shower.
Organizers say they are happy that no major incidents have occurred so far at this year’s event. The Scheid Diesel Extravaganza continues until Sunday afternoon.

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