TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — After groups gathered in Terre Haute over the weekend to protest the death of a Minneapolis man, local law enforcement officials scheduled a press conference to address community concerns.

Terre Haute Police Chief Shawn Keen said they’re focused on being transparent with the community.

“I wasn’t sure of the value in this honestly early on when we talked about this, throughout the weekend and even just a little bit ago I’ve gotten questions from the protesters questions about how we do things. I even got a letter from the Inter-Faith council asking about our reporting efforts as far as bias based crimes. So clearly we haven’t answered all those questions for all those people,” Keen said.

Both Terre Haute Police Department and Vigo Co. Sheriff’s office both conduct crisis and deescalation training for all their officers and deputies.

The police department is also working on implementing the use of body cameras.

Chief Keen said there is an open door policy in place for citizens that would like to make a complaint or ask a question.

“These are some things that’s been made clear to me that a lot of the general public doesn’t know that we do. We wanted to take this opportunity to get this out there to people so that they understand that. As always if you have any complaint, if you have any concerns, you can call here,” he said.

John Plasse, Vigo Co. Sheriff, said law enforcement officials are always looking for feedback from the community on how to become better.

“Anything that we can do or participate in to make sure that we have the public’s trust, we will look at that and see what we can do to make it better. Again, without our community’s support we can’t be effective in what we do,” Plasse said.