CARLISLE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Part blue heeler, part Australian shepherd, part “hero” that’s how you could describe Zoey the mixed breed dog.

The 7-year-old watches over her owner, Kyler Knotts’ irrigation business in rural Sullivan County, Indiana. She also keeps an eye on his nearby home and farm fields.

“It’s pretty much a free range dog,” Knotts said. “She gets to do whatever she likes to do.”

Back in March, this friendly pooch heard a crash.

Layla Knotts, who’s not related to Kyler, was thrown from her vehicle into a field. She lay there for several hours with critical injuries.

“I had a fractured skull or part of my skull and then fractured vertebras, six breaks in my hand, a concussion, a broken nose,” Layla said.

“We just remember getting the phone call about the accident and just a lot of unanswered questions,” Layla’s mom Christy Knotts added. “But our main concern was if she was even going to live.”

Layla’s family eventually learned, Layla had a guardian angel that night.

“She was with me for 6 hours in 24 degree weather,” Layla remarked.

Emergency workers told Kyler they could see where Zoey had laid next to Layla.

“So, she had kinda helped keep her warm,” Kyler explained.

“She was with Layla to protect her. Cause out here where we live in the sticks, there’s coyotes and potentially bobcats and, and, and all kinds of critters,” Christy said.

Layla went to the hospital while Zoey returned to her normal duties, but eventually the pair had a reunion.

“She started smiling and definitely remembers me,” Layla beamed.

As for Zoey, she’s become kind of a local hero.

“We’re very, very happy,” Kyler said. “She’s gotten a lot of treats for being a good dog.”

According to Layla’s mom, Layla is recovering quite well. She calls that a miracle in itself considering the extent of Layla’s injuries.