WABASH VALLEY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Covid-19 vaccines are being distributed across the country, and the newest vaccine from Moderna is starting to make its way to the Wabash Valley.

Brad Sparks, Linton, Indiana’s fire chief, was part of the first group to receive the Pfizer vaccination.

“If something that I’ve done helps the community and my family, I want to be the first to sign up,” Sparks said.

Due to his fire station operating an ambulance for the town, it is common for Sparks to see people suffering from the virus.

He also recently lost his parents to the virus.

“My dad, being the retired fire chief from here at the fire department, and my mom has always been a big supporter,” he said. “And, you know, they’re my mom and dad. I feel like I owed it to them.”

Sparks said it was a honor to be among the first vaccinated.

Dr. Darren Brucken, Vigo County Health Commissioner, said both hospitals in the county received 975 doses of the Pfizer vaccine. He hopes Vigo County will receive the first doses of the Moderna vaccine as early as next week.

“People are still scheduled all the way through the end of next week and in the middle part of January to receive the first vaccine,” Dr. Brucken said. “Whether or not those early January vaccines are Moderna or Pfizer are yet to be seen, but everyone is still scheduled to get those.”

The chief operating officer of Good Samaritan Hospital in Knox County, Adam Thacker, said the hospital received its second shipment of 975 Pfizer doses on Monday. Good Samaritan received its initial shipment of Moderna’s vaccine Wednesday.

“They are producing the vaccine at an ongoing basis,” Dr. Alan Stewart, Knox County Health Officer, said. “And even though we may not see our numbers be quite what we expected, we will be seeing shipments of the vaccine coming in regularly.”

The vaccination process is still in the 1A stage until healthcare workers and others on the frontlines are vaccinated.

Sparks said getting the vaccine was easy.

“It was very simple,” he said. “Walked in. Gave a little bit of information. Sat down. They were ready and everything went just fine. It was just like getting a flu shot.”