SULLIVAN COUNTY Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Hoosier Energy announced Tuesday their new 20 year resource plan that includes the closing of the coal fired plant by 2023.

“Following a year-long process, Hoosier Energy announced its Board of Directors approved a new long-range resource plan,” said Hoosier Energy. “The current plan is designed to provide its 18 member cooperatives with reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable energy while saving members an estimated $700 million over the next two decades.”

Roughly 185 employees will be impacted by this decision and will be displaced due to the retirement of the plant.

“We sincerely value our dedicated employees and will help those impacted during this transition by working with the IBEW to offer assistance such as retraining, reassignment and professional outplacement, along with retirement options, Hoosier Energy president and CEO Donna Walker said.

Communication manager for Hoosier Energy Greg Seiter said this decision did not come lightly.

“We are looking at cleaner burning alternatives,” said Seiter. “We’re looking at wind, solar, some of those options and enhancing them. Then, we will be able to save our members a projected savings of $700 million over the next two decades.”

Jerry Payne, a Sullivan County councilman, offered his opinion on another Sullivan county coal business ceasing operations, “Our country’s push to do away with reusable, non-reusable energy, coal, this is going to be an effect on everybody. There will be a lot of jobs lost,” said Payne. “I hate to see jobs done away with, coal done away with, until we actually have something to replace it with.”