BRAZIL, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Lorri Davis knew she would have to be a big loser to win at the game of life.

Three years ago, this Brazil resident weighed 365 pounds.

“I was on a walker then and contemplating on going to a nursing home. I couldn’t take care of myself anymore, you know, bath-wise, bathroom-wise, dress-wise. I couldn’t take care of myself cause I was so big,” Lorri Davis said.

And then one day, became a really bad day.

“I’m gonna be honest with you,” said Davis. “I went to the grocery store and I was a big fried chicken person, and I sat there and I, this is no lie, I sat here and I ate 8 pieces of chicken in one setting. And I went to the bathroom and I cried and I said, this has gotta stop. I’ve gotta have a life, something’s gotta happen.”

Davis decided to have weight loss surgery. In February of 2019, a doctor made her stomach smaller with gastric sleeve surgery.

“I used to be this timid self-conscious woman,” Davis smiled. “I’m not no more.”

Since her surgery, this mother of three adult children has been on a mission to slim down and get healthy.

“I exercise my butt off at the Y. I spent the whole two years on a treadmill, on the machines, taking four or five classes a week,” Davis added. “And I walked miles and miles and miles.”

She also watches what she eats, because she knows the surgery is just a tool. It still takes guts to drop dress sizes.

“I always wanted to be a size 14. All my life that’s all I ever wanted to be. And the day I hit that, I was like all right, I did it,” Davis said as she pumped her fist into the air. “You know it, it was awesome. That’s the best. That’s the best time I had.”

This past summer Davis crossed off some of the items on her bucket list.

“I jumped off the diving board, which I’d never done in my life. I went down a water slide. I jumped on a trampoline. I did a four mile hike. There’s just a lot of things I can do now. It’s amazing,” Davis continued.

According to Davis, the most amazing thing about losing 182 pounds is the fact she’s no longer on disability. She now works at a deli.

“I don’t depend on nobody for nothing. I don’t ask my children for nothing,” she said. “I don’t ask nobody for nothing and it feels good to take care of me.”

As her waist continues to shrink, her confidence continues to grow. Davis said she’s now living the best days of her life.

“I’m proud of myself. I rock it. I mean, I might sound a little vain, but I do,” Davis laughed. “I’m enjoying myself and that’s what life is. Enjoy yourself before God takes you home and that’s what I intend to do.”

Davis says she needs to lose two more pounds to reach her goal weight. She then hopes to have surgery to remove excess skin.