TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Thursday the community donated $41,024 to the Terre Haute Humane Society for their annual Tail-a-Thon event.

Staff with the shelter say that number can still grow, they will keep donation links open for up to a week. It was their goal to beat last year’s total of over $42,000.

The Wabash Valley Community Foundation matched up to $10,000 of what was donated Thursday.

Maggie Wheeler with the society says staff were surprised to see how much money was raised, but it’s thanks to a giving and supportive community.

“It’s the community, it’s our staff, that make calls and contact the businesses, it’s our volunteers that come in and do the phones and greet the public. It may sound cliche to say that it’s a team effort, but it is,” Wheeler said.

Wheeler told WTWO News that typically expenses to run the humane society can cost up to $50,000, including salaries and all of the animals needs.

“I know people are hurting right now with COVID, so $100 is a lot of money to people right now, so I’m as thankful for a $2,000 donation as I am a $100 donation because I understand the impact that the $100 has on people’s monthly budget right now.”

Several businesses from the community made $2,000 donations and many individuals from the community made $100 donations.

WTWO will provide an update once fundraising concludes.