TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – The Terre Haute Humane Society is still operating at over-capacity, taking in about 10 abuse or neglect cases per month.

Bugsy, a one-year-old Terrier mix, shares a very similar story.

Although he is very cute and sweet, he is timid toward any human and is terrified to come out of his kennel.

“He was found on someone’s front porch and she brought him in, unable to take care of him herself so we decided to put him on three feeds a day and he’s putting on weight nicely now,” Shannon Hoopingarner, one of the managers at the Terre Haute Humane Society, said.

Hoopingarner said Bugsy was brought in last month extremely malnourished and afraid, leaving everyone to wonder what nightmare he went through before coming to the shelter.

“Of course he loves his treats. You have no problem getting him to eat, given how he came in, he loves to run and play. When I’m cleaning kennels every day he’s always jumping in there with me, he will grab the towels out of my hands and run in the kennels with them,” Hoopingarner said.

She explained that abused or neglected animals require a lot of extra time and patience to get them adopted.

Hoopingarner said they often don’t know or aren’t told, what exactly the animal went through when they’re brought to the shelter which can make it challenging to make them comfortable.

“Dogs like that, we call them multiple meet and greet dogs. We will hopefully find someone who would be willing to put the time in to come in and meet the dog, and gain the dog’s trust. We have quite a few dogs here that are like that right now,” Hoopingarner said.

With the right amount of love, and maybe a few treats thrown in here and there, Hoopingarner said Bugsy could make a great addition to any family.

“He is very sweet, I think he would be great with children, he’s just a good dog. It’s just going to be a matter of him getting comfortable with the person and then comfortable in the home so it will take a period of adjustment for him,” Hoopingarner said.

She said Bugsy seems to do well with other dogs, but it’s best to bring your in to meet him beforehand if you are interested in adopting.

If you want to adopt Bugsy, visit thhs.org or call 812-232-0293.