After weeks of buzz surrounding Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship, it appears Peyton and Eli Manning are among the latest to be swept up by the craze. 

A lackluster first half of the Seahawks-Giants game left the Manning brothers looking for something else to discuss on ESPN’s ManningCast with Seattle up, 14–3, just before halftime. While the conversation could’ve gone anywhere, Eli opted to go for a joke about none other than T. Swift, which Peyton used as a chance to trash both teams.

“Is Taylor Swift not at this game? I thought she goes to MetLife for all the New York games,” asked Eli, referencing the pop superstar’s highly-publicized appearance at Sunday’s Jets-Chiefs game in the same stadium.

“If she was at this game, she left,” replied Peyton. 

Following a week during which NFL fans and Swifties again united, Peyton’s well-timed roast made for a perfect addition to the mania, with the entire world infatuated with pop culture’s latest power couple