With every day that passes, the Athletics’ season gets sadder and sadder. The latest example came when a video started making the rounds online, showing a fan who easily ran onto the field without a single security guard stopping him and proceeded to run all the bases. 

On Monday, a fan posted a TikTok that showed a young boy hopping over the barrier and rounding the bases while the ground crew was at work. With little effort from security to stop him, the fan casually jogged back to his barren section in the crowd after his conquest. 

It’s unclear if the incident too place before or after the game, but either way, the field invasion was remarkably casual. 

Oakland is on a historically bad pace this season, starting the year with a 12–45 record to easily claim the worst record in MLB. The A’s embarrassing home attendance has also been a major storyline, with videos and pictures of empty stands going viral at times during the season. 

The franchise is expected to move to Las Vegas, with the team and Bally’s Corporation reaching an agreement to build a $1.5 billion stadium on a portion of the Tropicana hotel site near the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip.