Ever since Aaron Rodgers proclaimed he wants to play for the Jets, the entire football world started to prepare to see him in New York and for Jordan Love to take over the Packers. Love’s name has been constantly linked to Rodgers ever since he was drafted to be Rodgers’s eventual replacement almost three years ago.

Chiefs coach Andy Reid, however, isn’t familiar with Love’s name—despite playing against him in 2021. 

When talking to reporters at the annual league meetings on Monday, Reid was asked what he thought about Love, who played against Kansas City on Nov. 7, 2021, but he didn’t appear to have any idea who he was. 

“I’m trying to remember Jordan Love,” Reid said.  

A reporter had to remind Reid of who Love was and Reid said, “from what I remember I thought he was good.”

Love was drafted with the No. 26 pick in the 2020 NFL draft with the expectation he would one day take the reins from Rodgers. That handing of the torch was delayed because of Rodgers’s back-to-back MVP campaigns in ’21 and ’22. 

Finally, Rodgers is almost out the door via trade, leaving Love as the heir apparent. If Reid didn’t know who Love was before, he’ll learn soon enough. The Chiefs will travel to Lambeau Field in 2023 with the official date being unknown at this time.