Abe Tizaf has been waiting for the chance to coach college soccer since his career began.

“I was always looking for this position, and always looking for this opportunity,” Tizaf said.
So when he heard that St. Mary-Of-The-Woods College was starting a men’s soccer team, he didn’t hesitate.

“I couldn’t wait, first thing I did I jumped on it, I applied and I followed every week I asked about where they are, so I want it, and I always was trying to start a new program from scratch.”

Now, Tizaf and his team are set to make history and set a pace for the program.

“They will put the standards for this program, and it’s exciting for me, exciting for them,” Tizaf said.

And the Pomeroys are setting the bar high for themselves.  

“We don’t really have something as our baseline,” Elias Ramsey, a sophomore and team captain, said. “So we can shoot for as high as we want, which is pretty cool.”
Players were recruited from all over the country to give the team a variety of skill and style. 

And while technique on the pitch may be an area for improvement…

“We’re coming from different high schools and stuff,” Marcos Hernandez, a freshman and team captain said. “So we don’t know how we play, we don’t know who has the strength of being fast, who has good touch, all this.”

…the team chemistry is already there off the pitch. 

“We’re becoming a family, and I like that because we can count on each other and I hope that on and off the pitch it’ll continue,” Hernandez said.

And for any naysayers who don’t see this new team as a threat, the Pomeroys have one message. 

“Hopefully they keep thinking that, cuz they’re gonna get surprised,” Hernandez said.