ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Cardinals suffered their fourth straight loss Thursday and ninth defeat in their last 11 games on Tuesday.

The Cardinals now stand at 10-20, the team’s worst 30-game start in nearly half a century. It’s a troubling situation that has St. Louis 10 games back of the NL Central lead.

Cardinals manager Oli Marmol has described the slow start as a “challenge” to embrace after recent losses, though offered a bit of a different perspective behind some frustration Tuesday.

“No one’s feeling sorry for us right now,” said Marmol. “The league loves watching us fail because we’re good every year. There’s not a team out there that’s sitting back and feeling sorry for us. No one’s going to hand us anything. We’re just going to have to dig deep and prove everybody wrong. We’re up for the task.”

Regarding his two remarks there, the Cardinals are playing subpar to a standard that has led to four straight postseasons and only had one losing season in the 21st century. Baseball enthusiasts have taken notice of St. Louis’ slow start, with some contributors from Deadspin even going as far to say “It’s never too early to laugh at the last-place Cardinals.”

FOX 2’s Daniel Esteve asked Marmol how is handling the situation as a second-year manager, to which he offered this response.

“It’s obviously frustrating, but we’re not going let it be a distraction to what’s going on right now. We’re going to stay true to what we believe our process is, what works. Today was obviously frustrating. You go into a game after a day off, and you want to get after it. We were unable to do that, but we’re going to keep going.”

The Cardinals continue a three-game home series with the Los Angeles Angels on Wednesday with pitching-hitting phenom Shohei Ohtani taking the mound.