TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Winning starts with defense and there’s nobody playing better defense in the league right now than Sycamore Julian Larry.

Julian Larry says, “We just knew we were right there the whole time it was just things down the stretch that we needed to clean up and I felt like we made enough of those winning plays today.”

In the win against Missouri State, he played 38 minutes and spent most of it guarding player of the week, Isiah Mosley. Mosley finished the night with a season-high 7 turnovers.

Larry says, “I mean coming into the game we pretty much knew that he was going to get his almost. Not selfishly, but we knew he was going to get his and just making him work for it was the key and I think just the adjustments that we make.”

Whether it’s a key sequence against Bradley or playing all 45 minutes at Northern Iowa, Larry is locking down as a defender.

Nick Hittle says, “Ju’s guarding all the best players in the MVC. He should be up there with defensive player of the year I mean he’s been doing amazing things against these guys.”

Josh Schertz says, “It takes a team. Julian is a guy that takes on those assignments. He really embraces his role. He’s completely immersed in the team and whatever it takes to win. If it takes him running around and chasing Isiah Mosley for 35 minutes he will do that. He never touches the ball on offense he would do it in a heartbeat.”

Larry says, “Just staying even keeled and knowing it’s going to be a grind from here on out.”