SULLIVAN CO, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Around $1.3 million will be invested in eight areas of Sullivan County, the money is part of the Community Crossings Grant in Indiana.

On top of that money, 25% or $300 thousand will be matched by the county.

Below are more details of the project.

As seen in the picture above, Monroe Street, also known as High School Rd, will be one of the impacted areas. According to the Principal of the Jr./Sr. High Schools with Dugger Union Community Schools, Darin Simpson, the improvement is much needed.

“[The road] is bumpy. I drive a school bus at times and you have to dodge potholes in the larger vehicles like you would in a smaller car,” Simpson said.

Regardless of its current condition, the road is essential for the school and dozens of residents who live on that stretch.

“Our flow of traffic uses that road quite a bit,” He added.

According to County Engineer, Jerry Netherlain, streets were chosen on several factors including traffic count, accident history and pavement condition.

“You have to take care of high traffic roads, but you can’t ignore the roads that are in really poor condition or have lower traffic. We spend money as efficiently as we can,” Netherlain stated.

A construction date is not known, but a bidding process is set for Monday, June 6. A concern during the process is pricing due to the current cost of materials and oil.

Sullivan County is prepared to use additional money from the county’s Motor Vehicle Highway Fund, which is based on the state gas tax.

“The work will get done. I think our road system is improving rapidly and this is a big part of what’s helping to do that,” He said. “I also don’t expect traffic delays to be bad.”

Simpson adds that not only will improved infrastructure help the school, but boost the community overall.

“You want to try to draw businesses in, you want to try to draw people in whether that be for your schools or for your businesses. That’s only going to make the area that much for visibly pleasing for everyone coming in,” Simpson said.

If all goes according to plan, the project should be completed in the fall.