Krasean's Crossover: "Unstoppable" Ayden Wagler

DAVIESS COUNTY, Ind. - "Her spunky personality is very contagious."

Personality - that's the first thing you notice about Ayden Wagler when you meet her - then her bright smile, and then eventually you may notice the running blade that acts as her right leg.

Ayden's bowed leg was initially thought to be something aging could fix.

"Well, at about eight months, she was walking along the furniture and all of a sudden she just stopped, so we took her back to the doctor and they x-rayed it and at that point they said yeah there's something seriously wrong...they diagnosed her with neurofibromatosis and psuedoarthrosis of the tibia, her leg had a false joint basically," said Ayden's mother Angie Wagler. 

After considering all their options, Ayden's parents decided to amputate her leg when she was three-years-old.

"She bounced right back, she was jumping on the trampoline a week later," said Angie. 

And Ayden's bounce back wasn't temporary - instead, she blossomed into a multi-sport athlete and an inspiration.

"For years, we had a picture of her hanging up in our high school dugout, of her running the bases with one leg, and it says, think the impossible, and it becomes possible," said Ayden's basketball coach Beth Smith. 

Ayden doesn't only inspire her local community, but she's also a Riley Children's Hospital Ambassador, a role that allows her to share her story of hope with other children.  

"I tell them that I'm just happy I get to go to Riley because if I didn't, I wouldn't be able to run or play today," said Ayden.

Smith says Ayden's can-do attitude and work ethic will propel her into her future.    

"She pushes herself to be better every day, and so whatever she aspires to do, she's gonna get there, there's no doubt," said Smith. 

But ultimately, the best word to describe Ayden Wagler, comes right from her own mouth.  

"I'm unstoppable."

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