Jacob Harden excited to head from Rex to the Linton Miners


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – The message from Jacob Harden is always clear: stay positive. You could say that approach to both baseball and life has helped him get a job he has always admired.

“I’d always known about the way Linton does things and I’d always been kind of jealous honestly I’d always try to emulate what they would do wherever I’d been the feeling of family and camaraderie and they way they are gritty and they work hard and you know when I had heard that coach Fougerousse might step down that’s when I really started to get interested,” Harden said.

He was thrilled upon hearing the news that he was getting the job. “I was floored really I was because I know that was a hot job there’s a lot of people that have the same outlook that I do they know it’s a great place to live they know it’s a great group of kids to work with year in and year out and you know I was very honored,” Harden said.

Rex player Kody Putnam has been working with Jacob and says he’s the perfect man for the position. “It’s awesome and Jake’s a super caring guy he loves all of us just like we’re his own you know I think those kids are going to learn a lot from him he’s just a great guy to be around he’s always positive so I mean you can’t really ask much more from a head coach than positivity so those guys are going to learn a lot from him and I think it’ll be a great fit,” Putnam said.

Manager AJ Reed shares the outlook and was thrilled for his friend’s next chapter. “Super happy for him I think he’s going to do great there you know that’s his passion coaching so I think the kids are going to get a great coach he’s super positive and he loves the game he wants his players to do well so I think he will do really well and I’m happy for him,” Reed said.

His time with the Rex will be invaluable and Jacob will likely take his experiences with him to Linton. “Something that has really helped me here with the Rex is just kind of getting to bond with the younger guys or guys that are closer in age to me and here it works out really well and I feel like going to the high school level that’s going to be like that perfect mix you know I’m not too old that I’m going to be too dis-similar from them but I’m close enough in age that you know quote unquote hip with the times and I can really get along with them. I really think that being here being able to see that firsthand I think that’s going to help me tremendously,” Harden said.

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