SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WISH) — Hundreds of thousands of people will be flooding Indianapolis this weekend for the Indianapolis 500. 

Many fans will stay in hotels around the city but some will be taking advantage of a more immersive experience right on the track’s infield.

Race fans have the opportunity to truly dive into the experience of the greatest spectacle in racing by camping out in the infield all weekend long.

But campers aren’t using the standard camping tent. This luxury experience comes in the form of tiny houses and glamping tents.

Temporary tenants are shelling out some serious cash to stay in the infield leading up to the Indy 500.

“Having the tiny houses inside the track gives a lot of opportunities for folks who want to participate in activities all week,” said Maggie Daniels who started Try It Tiny, the company that provides the tiny houses at the track.k.

Spectators can rent their very own tiny house with the track as their backyard.

“Well it is a little bit different in the sense that you do have air conditioning, you have running water, you have a bathroom,” explained Daniels.

Campers can also stay in a glamping village where they arrive to a set-up tent with furniture and a real mattress.

“At a hotel when you’re back you shut the door when the event is over and you’re not interacting with your neighbor but out here in this glamping village everyone comes back from Carb Day or the race or the concert or whatever, and they are hanging out with their group,” said Andrew Jensen with Contentment Camping, the glamping provider.

People that stay in the infield say they have created a new community of friends through the experience.

“We came just the two of us the first year and we weren’t really sure what to expect and we immediately met our best friends forever,” said Kenna Rogers.

Kenna and her husband have been staying in the glamping tents all five years they have been at the track.

“We see the same people every year and it is awesome. It is like one big reunion,” she said.

Between the tiny houses and glamping tents more than 350 people will be staying in the infield.

“Last year there was a gentleman that was coined the tiny house mayor and he would grill everyone’s food and everyone kind of congregates together,” said Daniels.

“A few guys on the grill, everyone is cooking food for everyone, everyone is handing out beers. It is just a big party out here. It is fun,” added Jensen.

The luxury experience will cost you though. To stay in the glamping tents the packages start at $1,300.

If you want a tiny house you can expect to pay around $4,000. But each year they sell out fast.