Hulman Golf Links sees increase in players


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – One of the sports that seems to be thriving during the pandemic is golf. Hulman Golf Links director Greg Towne says they’ve seen a steady of wave of players in the past few months. “Well first of all it’s a great place to do social distancing it’s a healthy sport nobody I kind of giggle that nobody actually hits the ball down the middle in the first place so somebody’s left and somebody’s right so you seldom see your partner until you get to the green and then when you get up to the green you know it’s etiquette to stay away from whoever’s putting in the first place so the sport just lends itself to social distancing,” he said.

The course is where Cole and Steve Higham play most mornings. Cole says he enjoys having time to play a sport he enjoys. “Yeah we almost play every single day so we play a lot more than we used to with school and practices just the scenery it’s nice to play it’s fun,” he said.

His grandfather Steve is the golf coach at St. Mary’s and gets a kick out of playing with Cole daily. “I’ve been fortunate my dad and I played a lot of golf together one of my two brothers liked the game and then my two boys played and played for me in high school and now I’ve got a grandson so it’s enjoyable we have a good time try to keep it in perspective,” Steve said.

Towne also serves as the women’s golf coach at Indiana State and hopes the added participation bodes well for the future of the sport. “It helps people’s mental health we’ve had a ton of families some of these older veterans and people that this is their only exercise they get has been super beneficial you can’t really measure those health benefits but we’re having a lot of families and young children coming out because little league was canceled or soccer was canceled so hopefully the game’s going to catch on with that younger crowd,” Towne said. Hulman Golf Links is open until 9 pm during the summer. The course will host a fundraiser for the Sycamore basketball team in September and for the golf team in October.

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