Charlie Schulte: Mini Golfer


ODON, IN. (WTWO/WAWV) – Nine year old Charlie Schulte is very good at mini golf. That makes sense since he has his very own course to practice on. 18 holes of golf bliss to help pass the time since he’s at home a lot these days. So what gave him the idea in the first place.

“Well we couldn’t go putt putting anywhere so I thought I’d make some holes or my dog made some holes in my backyard so I thought why not make a putt putt course,” he said. Charlie had help from his dog, a two and a half year old Golden Retriever named Brees (after Drew Brees) who also has a knack for tracking down moles in the backyard. The course wraps around the family home and there are some challenging holes.

“The 14th hole you have to get it up the mulch to get it in the hole if you hit it too hard it will slide down the hill and land into the water but I have a net to get it out,” he said. Charlie says he plays about five times a week and even has some visitors watching him overhead. “While you’re playing golf like on the 14th hole or on the 13th hole you can see like a hawk nest coming through, yeah he’s pretty much staying away he actually ignores us,” he said.

His mom Tory says the whole idea took her by surprise. “Well actually I didn’t know he was outside building this golf course I just came outside and he told me that he built this putt putt course and he was going to start charging people to play on it but that didn’t go over so well because his sisters refused to pay him to play on it,” she said.

She also says it’s been therapeutic to get out of the house every now and then. “I try to limit time in the house watching TV and especially these last couple months when we haven’t had a whole lot going on and he’s been in the house six or seven hours doing school work so I’ve encouraged him to go outside and he went outside and created this putt putt course,” she said.

Charlies signature celebration is Yes Sir and he recalled where he picked that up from. “Probably from Tiger Woods I think because I’ve been hearing him a lot,” he said.

What about when his usual course opens up again. Charlie has a plan for when that day comes. “Probably go to the one in Washington and then come back and do that so both,” he said. The only complication is when Charlie’s dad Adam has to mow the grass.

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