Beach family builds running bond


ROCKVILLE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) – Cassandra Beach says,”It kinda started out as okay we are going to run today then we are going to run again tomorrow and by day three we just knew we weren’t going to stop and it just grew, and grew, and grew.”

Cassandra and Elijah Beach are runners from Rockville.

Elijah Beach says,”What made us want to start running together is we were just kinda stuck in the house over summer and all we would do is sit there all day and we kinda wanted an excuse to go do something fun. We didn’t know what it would be, but we decided running because it’s free, cheap, doesn’t take much time and it’s something we both enjoy doing in the first place.”

Cassandra says,”In the beginning we were more, okay, we have to run. Now it’s more like we get to run everyday. We get to look forward to it. We often travel to different places. We run here a lot.”

They have been running together every single day for over a year now.

Cassandra says,”I’m really blown away when I think about it. It’s hard to comprehend that we’ve done this every single day for an entire year.”

Even family and friends have been there to help them along this running way.

Elijah says,”A minimum is a mile every day, but some days we will shoot longer or on the weekends we will get up early and run far.”

As their streak grows so does their popularity, the two even appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show earlier this year.

Cassandra says,”It’s so humbling to think that just something that him and I decided to do inspires so many other people because we are just a mom and a son from little Rockville and we’re just out doing something to keep us motivated.”

Running each day means time well spent with one another.

Elijah says,”I think it’s pretty special not only that we run every day, it’s kinda just a time where we get to talk.”

Cassandra says,”The most important thing is just getting to be with him. We don’t have our TVs, our cellphones. It’s just him and I in our daily release of what’s going on in your day, and we just get to talk about it and bond with each other.”

“We are so much closer together. You cannot put a price tag on it.

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