This story was originally published on September 18

It all started on the snow for three-time Olympian Shannon Bahrke. After retiring from sports, she needed something. She found not one, but two new business ventures.

“I had accomplished all of my dreams, short of gold, but silver and a bronze, when you hold them together and squint it almost looks gold,” Bahrke joked.

From silver in Salt Lake City in 2002 to bronze in Vancouver in 2010, the mogul skier has had quite the career.

“I really came away from sport achieving everything I wanted to,” she said.

Now that’s she’s retired from the slopes, Bahrke has been busy. She started and sold a coffee business and recently began a new venture.

“It’s inspiration and empowerment through movement,” she said.

She’s CIO or Chief Inspiration Olympian of Team Empower Hour.

“I love getting people our of their comfort zone and teaching them a little bit in a moving way, how to do communication and how to be mentally tough,” she explains.

As you would expect from an Olympian, it’s an intense yet fun hour of inspiration and a little bit of physical activity.

“We are putting a new twist on teambuilding by infusing it with our most powerful ingredient, the Olympic spirit,” she explained in a YouTube video about the program.

Team Empower Hour is partnering with several Olympians and speakers to do something a little bit different. Bahrke says her program help lead teams to success.

“Team work really does make the dream work,” she said.

From the bumps and humps of moguls to the twists and turns of the business world, this Olympian has found new heights in her quest for gold outside the games.

In this exclusive web extra, former Olympic mogul skier Shannon Bahrke talks about how difficult it was to get into the sports as a kid and the mindset that helped her become a champion.