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What is the best bread slicer?

Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, a fresh slice of bread goes perfectly with nearly any meal. Getting that uniform slice is not the easiest task to accomplish, especially if the bread is homemade. 

Bread slicers should be easy to use and allow you to slice bread in a variety of thicknesses. The top pick is Kitchen Seven Bamboo Bread Slicer With Crumb Tray. This quality item has a fold-flat design for easy storage. To learn more about the features you’ll find in a quality bread slicer, keep reading.

What to know before you buy a bread slicer

How a bread slicer works

For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on manual bread slicers. Interestingly, these units don’t actually slice bread — this is done by you. Instead, they serve as a guide so you know where to place your knife before cutting each piece to get slices of uniform size. Ultimately, to get the most out of a manual bread slicer, it takes a little bit of practice and some skill with a bread knife.

Loaves of bread are not all the same size

From baguettes to boules, bread is baked in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you plan on slicing your homemade bread, be certain the slicer you’re considering will accommodate the bread you make. If you’re purchasing your bread at a bakery, you’ll need to purchase loaves that fit comfortably in the slicer you already own.

What to look for in a quality bread slicer 

Slice thickness

Most bread slicers are manufactured so you have a few options when it comes to the thickness of your slice. In single-slice models, you adjust the bread slicer before using it so all slices are of uniform thickness.

In other models, some parts of the slicer have narrow spacing while others have wider spacing. In these types of bread slicers, you need to be aware of where the spacing changes and adjust accordingly to have uniform slices on the whole loaf of bread. 

Included knife

Often, when you purchase a bread slicer, you’ll also get a knife. The best models have a built-in storage spot for that knife so it’s always where you need it to be.

Crumb tray

When you slice bread, you make crumbs. If you’d like to keep your work area neat and clean, look for a bread slicer that has a tray beneath the cutting area to catch the crumbs.


For the most part, bread slicers are made out of either plastic or wood.

Plastic: While plastic bread slicers are more affordable and easier to clean than their wooden counterparts, they’re not as durable. Consequently, a plastic bread slicer may need to be replaced sooner than a wooden model, so its overall value may be diminished. Additionally, plastic bread slicers are more prone to slipping during use, so it’s important to purchase a model that has non-slip feet or pads on the bottom.

Wood: Wooden bread slicers are more durable than plastic bread slicers, especially when manufactured using hardwood. They’re better equipped to survive an errant knife stroke. On the downside, wooden models are more expensive and require greater care when cleaning, since it’s not advisable to get wood wet.

Ease of storage

It’s rare to find a bread slicer that doesn’t fold flat or disassemble so it can be stored flat, which makes most models easy to store.

How much you can expect to spend on a bread slicer

If you’re watching your budget, you can get a plastic bread slicer for less than $20. A quality wooden model, on the other hand, costs $20-$40. 

Bread slicer FAQ

What’s the best type of knife for cutting fresh bread?

A. When cutting fresh bread, you need a long knife with a serrated edge. This type of knife can saw through the bread without applying much downward pressure, which could squish the loaf. For an even cleaner cut, consider using an electric knife.

I’m using a serrated knife, but I’m still not getting a good, smooth slice. Do you have any tips?

A. First, don’t push down, let the serrated edge gradually saw through the bread. Second, watch the angle of the knife from above to make sure it stays perpendicular to the bread. Lastly, use the full length of the knife when sawing.

I can’t seem to cut through the bottom crust. Is something wrong with my bread slicer?

A. No. If anything, it’s your knife. If you’re having a hard time cutting through the bottom layer of crust, consider purchasing a serrated knife that has a slight curve to it so it’s easier to get to that bottom crust.

What’s the best bread slicer to buy?

Top bread slicer

Kitchen Seven Bamboo Bread Slicer With Crumb Tray

Kitchen Seven Bamboo Bread Slicer With Crumb Tray

What you need to know: This attractive bamboo bread slicer allows you to easily cut a loaf of bread into uniform slices of three different sizes.

What you’ll love: The unit features a designated spot for the knife, while the large crumb tray ensures you won’t have a mess when you’re done. When it’s time to put the bread slicer away, it folds flat for convenient storage.

What you should consider: The included knife is a little short for this device. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bread slicer for the money

Eon Concepts Bread, Toast and Bagel Slicer

Eon Concepts Bread, Toast and Bagel Slicer 

What you need to know: The compact, space-saving design of this bread slicer makes it a good choice for small kitchens.

What you’ll love: Simple operation bolstered by an affordable price makes this a desirable unit for any family. Because of its design, it allows you to slice bread in five different thicknesses.

What you should consider: This model is best for smaller loaves of bread. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Kitchen Naturals Premium Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer

Kitchen Naturals Premium Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer

What you need to know: If you’re a sandwich connoisseur, this premium bread slicer is the perfect tool for turning a loaf of homemade artisan bread into uniform slices.

What you’ll love: This model features a thicker slice designed for making French toast. It comes with convenient extras including a bamboo butter spreader, a storage bag and a guide book.

What you should consider: This bread slicer is a higher-priced option. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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