Piece by piece we will get there! America’s Favorite Roofer takes you around the roof. Follow along with the tapered standing seam panel install.

Standing Seam Roofing is among the most weather-resistant and durable roofing options. This type of roofing panel is made of steel and is painted for a sleek look. It appears very similar to rib panel, but its hidden fasteners give it a much cleaner appearance. Because the fasteners are completely covered, they are never subjected to the elements and will not weaken over time. Further, since the panels are placed onto roofs with clamps, there are no holes anywhere on the panels, which prevents moisture from entering the roof.

With Honest Abe’s Standing Seam roofing, you can expect:

Unparalleled strength – We use 24-26 gauge steel, which is the strongest available.

No fading ever – The paint on your roof will not fade over time. It will continue to look brand new for many years to come.

Class 4 hail impact rating – Our roofs have the highest hail impact rating available. They are built to last through extreme conditions.

Class A fire rating – We have the best fire rating to protect your home.

130 MPH wind rating – Your panels will withstand up to 130 MPH winds, without faltering or breaking off.

Algae resistance – The materials we use will either kill algae or prevent it from growing.

We take pride in being completely honest with each of our customers. We offer quotes that we stick to. Other companies offer estimates and then, when the work begins, they find that more work needs to be done and end up charging you significantly more than your estimate indicated.

At Honest Abe Roofing, the quote we give you is the price you will pay; if we come across any extra damage or work to be done, we will do it at no additional charge. You can count on us to be honest and follow through with our guarantees. Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us, and we will work hard to ensure your happiness.