VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV0 — After technical issues delayed the ballot count, Vigo County election officials on Thursday announced the unofficial results are now completed.

Polls in Indiana closed at 6 P.M. on Tuesday, but for Vigo County voters full results didn’t come until Thursday afternoon.

According to a representative with RBM, the county’s election consultant, the delay in results was created after some ballots were on paper that did not meet specifications of Vigo County’s election equipment.

“The difference in paper which measures a millimeter resulted in approximately 2,000 of the ballots cast being rejected by the voting equipment,” said Dan McGinnis, RBM Consulting representative.

Since Tuesday, county election officials worked to get these ballots corrected.

“Vigo County election workers which always includes a Democrat and a Republican working together have gone about identifying the ballots which were cast on the paper which was out of specifications, recreating those ballots on the correct rolls of paper,” McGinnis said.

McGinnis also says the issue was not seen during public tests and due to Indiana law it was even more difficult to recognize the mishap earlier.

“Indiana law does allow the absentee or early voting ballots to be handled until election day. The problem did not present itself until ballots began to be counted,” McGinnis said.

The Vigo County election board president says she is confident that results are accurate following the delay.

“Everyone was issued a ballot, whether it was scanned, whether it was put in the auxiliary, whether they did it early and it was just put in an envelop, all of those logs have balanced to a tee and we feel very confident about that,” said Kara Anderson, Vigo County Election Board president.

Under Indiana law, the results of the election will remain unofficial until next Friday. The county election board will meet again at that time to verify results.