ELKHART, Ind. — The campaign of Indiana Gubernatorial Candidate Curtis Hill released Hill’s six-point economic plan which Hill calls the state’s “Pathway to Prosperity.”

Hill, a former attorney general of Indiana, is one of a number of candidates who has announced their intention to join the Republican primary for the state’s governor position. According to previous reports, the other candidates include:

  • Brad Chambers, Indiana’s former secretary of commerce
  • Mike Braun, a current U.S. Senator for Indiana
  • Suzanne Crouch, Indiana’s current lieutenant governor
  • Eric Doden, the former president of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation
  • Jamie Reitenour.

According to a news release from Hill’s campaign, Hill’s “Pathway to Prosperity” plan is aimed at easing the tax burden on Indiana residents who are struggling to make ends meet. Hill blames “Washington’s failures and Bidenomics.”

The six-point plan includes:

  • Reducing the gas tax 16 cents back to 2018 levels
  • Lowering the trigger percentage for budget surplus rebates from 12.5% to 10%
  • Reducing the corporate tax rate from 4.9% to 3.5%
  • Zero-based budgeting to require departments to start at $0
  • Eliminating income tax for individuals between the ages of 18 and 35
  • Eliminating income tax for retirement income and decrease sales tax to 3% for seniors.

“We are going to take a calculated and fiscally responsible approach to Indiana’s economy,” Hill said in the release. “Our plan encourages businesses to invest and expand, gives opportunities for young people and seniors to remain in Indiana, and holds our state government accountable for their spending. As we travel throughout the state, we are hearing from Hoosiers who are hurting because of Bidenomics. It is time to make our state government work for them. Our plan doesn’t just tell voters what they want to hear. These cuts are fiscally conservative and responsible. Hoosiers are ready for a proven conservative leader who delivers for them, not just campaigns for their vote.”

In the Democratic primary, Jennifer McCormick, the former superintendent of public instruction for Indiana, announced her intention to run for governor. Donald Rainwater, a Libertarian, has also announced his intention to run for the position.

In a statement previously provided to FOX59/CBS4, officials with the Indiana Secretary of State’s office said that official candidate filing for the 2024 state and federal primary election does not start until January.