TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Democratic challenger Brandon Sakbun has won the Terre Haute Mayoral seat following Tuesday’s Municipal Election.

The win means Sakbun will be the youngest mayor in the city’s history.

Vigo County Election officials reported a final unofficial count of 5,666 for Sakbun, versus 3,806 for incumbent Duke Bennett.

“First thing, I want to thank Mayor Bennett, for 16 years of service to our community,” Sakbun said during a victory speech in front of family and supporters at the Hilton Garden Inn. “And second thing, I’m gonna thank all of you in here, and all the voters out there, who today made a motion that it is time for change in Terre Haute, Indiana.”

Sakbun went on to thank his family and point out that his parents, two immigrants, could come here, and raise a family, and their children could chase the American dream.

“11 months ago I asked this community to believe, not in me, but in themselves. To believe that Terre Haute can be better, that Terre Haute can do better. And ladies and gentlemen, we will do better,” Sakbun said while emphatically pounding the podium.

“We’re going to celebrate tonight, but the work begins tomorrow.”

Sakbun told WTWO that it was an energizing feeling to get the win Tuesday night.

“I credit my parents, and really the city of Terre Haute. They helped raise me and my siblings, they’ve been there for us in so many different areas of our lives. Now we’re going to give back to this community,” Sakbun said.

WTWO’s Dana Winklepleck caught up with Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett who lost the election to Sakbun. Bennett said he’s proud of what he accomplished.

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