A big announcement for Indiana State University’s campus radio station WZIS.

It’s been named college station of the year.

Several station directors attended the intercollegiate broadcasting system in New York City and were awarded the honor. WZIS beat out other stations across the nation. Staff at the campus station say  they’re a giant family and couldn’t have achieved this accomplishment without everyone on their team.

“Honestly I wasn’t going to get my hopes up too high because of the fact that it was definitely surreal when they said WZIS as station of the year I was shook. I knd of like stood there for a second, I had to walk up and get the award, I had tears running down my eyes a little bit,” Corey Clark, campus station manager said.

Station of the year wasn’t the only award for WZIS, they took away 12 awards this year. Six of them were first place.