As you’ve noticed, WTWO and WAWV are finally back broadcasting on the air.

That’s after being off air since Tuesday. Several repairs took place including the replacement of an antenna at our station that was damaged.

This means if you’re receiving us over the air, you may have to re-scan your TV for WAWV. You will temporarily see us on channel 36.2.

We talked with our chief engineer about the situation.

“If you’re not getting the ABC affiliate and you’re getting us over the air, you might have to rescan your tuner to pick up 36.2 for the ABC affiliate. The NBC affiliate will not be affected,” Bruce Yowell said.

Those of you with Dish, Direct TV and cable, should see no changes to your channel. Our affiliate stations Grit, Escape, Bounce and Laff will also be off air for several weeks until WAWV is moved back to the right channel.

Right now we are utilizing a temporary antenna, and signal in some areas may be more limited than it was before, which is why some of you may not be picking up channels that you normally could. Unfortunately, this will be the case until a new antenna is built and the temporary antenna is replaced, which could take several weeks.

We ask our viewers to be patient with this process.