Germany Facing Beer Crisis

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The beer capital of the world is having a crisis, a beer crisis!

The heatwave in Germany has gone on for so long, that brewers are on the verge of running out of beer bottles.

People are hitting the bars in an attempt to beat the heat; causing beer sales across the country to skyrocket.

It’s so bad that brewers are desperately calling on people to return their empties.

The world’s oldest brewery, Weihenstephan (vee-hen-sta-fen), established in 1040 is struggling to have enough empty bottles.

Germans receive from eight to 15 cents for returning a bottle.

A brewer said people are buying double the amount they usually do, so it’s taking longer for the empties to be returned.

Breweries have even taken to social media, begging people to return their empties so they can continue mass production.

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